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itBroadcast satellite dish

Satellite access everywhere

In order to set up a satellite connection, the crew on spot will evidently need a satellite dish. To assure complete mobility, the itBroadcast package comes with a portable dish that works as reliable as any fixed one once the installation and the fine-tuning processes are finished. Professionals working with the itBroadcast units can move around Europe freely: owing to the dish, the satellite can easily be reached from any parts of the continent.

Transmission within minutes

The dish is characterized by excellent mobility. All of its parts can be carried in durable bags: the tripod and the detachable dish come in separate cases. The equipment can be assembled in minutes; with the help of fast locks the antenna is able to send and receive signals in a short period of time, while calibration isn’t time-consuming either. The whole setup process is easy to learn, if necessary, Infotéka provides training films. After installation, the antenna stands securely on the ground, even strong wind cannot upset the balance. The tripod, the head and the dish are equally weather-resistant; the manufacturer guarantees their quality.
  • easy usability 
  • lightweight structure 
  • anti-corrosion coating 
  • waterproof carrying 
  • cases fast installation process

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itBroadcast Pro Mark III suitcase

The satellite dish can be purchased only as a part of the itBroadcast set!

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