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Satellite video coverage

Generally, systems designed for live TV coverage communicate by using broadband techniques. A situation might occur, however, in which the given networks are unavailable. For this case the solution comes in the form of the satellite option: the KA band satellite internet can be reached from anywhere within Europe for the same price without data restriction.

In order to use the service, Infotéka has created the itBroadcast suitcase providing internet within minutes on every location with the help of a 75 cm mobile satellite dish. The handheld units, however, can also easily merge with the equipment of an SNG van increasing mobility further.
Currently, a Mercedes Vito minivan is available with satellite and several player solutions in the itBroadcast arsenal.

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Live satellite broadcasting? It has never been this easy so far.

itBroadcast suitcase

A comprehensive signal processing unit complete with a dual band Gigabit WiFi router and a modem. The system runs on V-Mount/Anton-Bauer batteries able to be changed during operation. Operation happens via a fully functional smart phone.
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itBroadcast antenna

Portable antenna made of a 75-cm satellite dish. Its lightweight tripod allows for precise positioning, while the dish is securely fixed with quick locks. In order to arrive at a completely windproof solution, stabilization is aided with telescopes.
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Booking system

To guarantee the proper up- and download speeds, a satellite window must be previously booked. Booking happens on an Infotéka-developed website which available in several languages. The use of the site is backed by a 7/12 online support service.
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