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6 reasons why

Broadcast from anywhere

Among the transmission systems making use of 3G/4G mobile networks, the itBroadcast satellite internet service stands out from the crowd. With its solution, broadcasting becomes possible even at the remotest places that have been cut from civilization.

Tough build-up

To make transportation easier, the larger elements of the set can be dismantled. Apart from the satellite dish, all pieces sit in a robust PELI box. The soft padded box is similar to the itBroadcast suitcase: its contents remain equally protected.

Easy operation

Arriving on spot, the broadcast unit is easy to assemble thus the satellite signal can be found within minutes. Operation can also become an everyday routine in no time: working with the in-built Win7 tablet cannot be a problem for anyone.

Live support

Our helpdesk is open seven days a week and the support is ready to guide you through correct product use on our chat and web conference interfaces. Whether you have technical or practical questions, our colleagues will provide an answer.

Hungarian patent

The itBroadcast unit came into being as a result of the co-operation between several Hungarian IT companies. Thanks to its high quality, the industry welcomed the innovation on an international level and the solution is already in use around continents.

Step by step documentation

In addition to the support services, written documents are available in English and in Hungarian both on the internet and in printed form. While a user guide is meant to deal with the booking system, several videos address the antenna connecting issue.

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