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NewsSpotter service

Full coverage throughout Europe

The itBroadcast equipment is able to connect to the KA-SAT satellite service from any point of Europe. There are no places virtually, from where live broadcasting would not be possible. The coverage is explained well on several detailed maps: within the boundaries of Europe, the signal can be received securely. The process of finding the signal can be easily learnt and with the help of the inbuilt aiding accessories, it can be performed quickly. Once the signal is found, to provide seamless data traffic during the session, the crew should take care of the dish visibility only; no bigger objects should be placed in the way of the antenna. While visibility is unobstructed, streaming can be performed continuously.

Using the NewsSpotter

The use of the satellite internet is remarkably easy as there are practically no preparations needed. The one and only requirement the users are facing is reserving a channel in advance which can be done manually through the internet. The steps are the following: the user has to log in to the system with his unique ID, and after submitting the data of the desired terminal to be used, he has to specify the broadcasting location and its approximate duration and the bitrate he wishes to work with. Based on these data, the system will estimate the traffic and will come up with a personalized price offer regarding the session.

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