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Fly-away antenna 75KaSat

Easy-to-use KA-antenna

The 75Ka is a high performance, fly-away antenna for use with all KA-band satellites. It is ideal for rapid, long and short term deployments for both newsgathering and disaster recovery assignments. The high efficiency offset carbon fibre reflector comes in four pieces and the whole equipment is deployable without tools in one minute even by one single person. Travelling is made extremely easy: the unit packs into one sub-23 kg case complying with all IATA airline luggage regulations.

Extra light, super efficient package

The 75cm carbon-fibre reflector is precision engineered to maintain surface accuracy through repeated uses. The tripod and the antenna mount are tightly integrated into 4 pieces only, delivering dependability and ease of deployment in a lightweight package. The antenna, the tripod, the transceiver, the modem and the batteries sit in a single foam padded case that provides maximum protection but adds minimum additional weight. The extra light antenna guarantees reliable communication between -10°C and +50 °C and can be operated in 30 km/h wind without ballast, whereas it securely stands in 75 km/h wind with support, too.
  • 4 segment carbon fibre reflector 
  • Single person deployable without tools 
  • One sub-23Kg IATA compliant case 
  • Battery powered 
  • Integrated modem

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Fly-away antenna 75KaSat

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